Teachers Deserve Our Respect!

When I was a kid I was really scared of all my teachers.  I would never in a million years have disrespected them or talked back. I would never have cursed at them, shouted at them, laughed at them (unless they were telling a joke) ignored them, rolled my eyes at them, tutted at them, snickered at them, or any of the other disrespectful things that kids today seem to have no problem doing to their teachers.  But one important thing to note is that while I was indeed scared of my teachers, this was not the reason I did not do any of those things. The reason was that I RESPECTED them! What has happened to that respect? Is it just that kids of today are “different”? Is it that the teachers are “different”? What has changed? Why can a parent now go to a principal and say’ Take my child out of Mr XXXXXs class..there is a clash of personality. WHAT IS THAT? A clash of personality?  Are you kidding me? This is your child’s teacher! not his buddy. How can a teacher be blamed for a child who..never brings a pencil to class, never does his homework, is sleeping in class, is not listening,  refuses to participate and then asks to be moved to another class because of a clash in personality?

Yes I understand that sometimes teachers and students don’t get along but do you think that is a new thing? Did all my teacher love me? I don’t think so. But this was my teacher and like him or not. I was there to learn from him. and even though I might not have “liked ” him,  I DID respect him, so I was not disrespectful, I listened and I learned

Is it because children today just have less respect for adults generally? If so, who or what is to blame for that? Sometimes when I overhear the TV when my daughter is watching, I cringe at the way adults  are portrayed and “stupid” while the cool kid mocks and insults him. I always try to use this as an opportunity to talk to my daughter about it and thankfully she is very respectful to her teacher (most of the time) Is it the the music they listen to? Alice Cooper sang about blowing up schools and Pink Floyd told us “We don’t need no education” but it did not make me not want to go to school or to be disrespectful . So what has changed?  Why do today’s kids have so little respect for their teachers.? Well here’s a thought…  Our Government puts more and more emphasis on test scores and less and less on teacher experience and what they actually bring to the classroom. Teachers are poorly paid and many have not had a pay raise in years, and more and more, teachers are expected to be the only disciplinarian in some of these kids lives,  Every day on the TV we see stories of more teacher being fired because their kids did not make gains on the tests… So my question is this….what is all of that teaching our children? How on earth can we expect our children to show their teachers respect when we as a society do not?

We need to get behind our teachers and not allow these children to have so much power. We need to let our Government know that while there are “bad” teachers out there who need to be weaned out and replaced, making teachers solely responsible for the childrens test results and basing their continued employment on these results is just unacceptable. Teachers need to be able to teach and not just “teach to the test” Until we allow our teachers to do this and to show them the respect they deserve, how can we expect anything different from our children? What is your opinion on this subject? if you believe teachers are getting a raw deal these days, then call your local representative and let them know you want teachers to be respected and allowed to teach. . Vote against any bill that makes teacher pay and job security solely based on test results.  It is time to give America’s teachers the respect they truly deserve for all their dedication and hard work.


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5 Responses to Teachers Deserve Our Respect!

  1. AMEN! I’m an “old” mom and my child is going to a school that is on “alert” status. I tried so hard to get her out of there because I figured it was a “bad” school. But by the time her transfer came through, I turned it down, because I realized it was not a bad school at all — just had a lot of kids living in poverty and lower middle class and who were actually getting raised at school. (We live outside city limits.) Of course their scores are lower than the kids in the charters and fancier schools in the nicer parts of town. My little girl’s teacher is young and sweet, but she keeps the kids in line. And most of them are not “bad” kids (a few exceptions, of course) but they need more discipline and structure at home. And support. The teachers in our district often end up buying supplies out of their own pockets because they can’t stand to see the kids without the supplies that their PARENTS were supposed to buy.

    On the other end of the spectrum, parents who CAN afford good child care and nice things are spoiling their kids rotten with “stuff.” OK, I’m a bit guilty there… but worse than that, they hover over their children trying to control every aspect of their environment. I’ve seen that too, as my daughter used to go to a high-end day care near my job. The kids end up thinking the universe is supposed to revolve around them. It’s easy to blame the kids but the thing is, the parents have created the little monsters. They had just as many if not more behavior problems at that center than at her current school, although the kids did well academically. My daughter got bit by a judge’s kid because she demanded the toy my little girl was playing with, and of course Baby Girl would not give it up. Takes after her mama. 😉

  2. I think teachers are grossly underpaid for all the responsibility they have, and part of the problem is that you get what you pay for, so we are not getting the best teachers in our schools anymore.

    BUT – the real problem w/ why children don’t respect their teachers is because their parents teach them not to. I believe children take all their cues from their parents, and it seems to me a lot of parents these days want to blame everyone but themselves, including the teachers. It’s a shame, but true.

    Sharon Hiebing
    Follow Your Dream Compass

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  4. Yvonne Hall says:

    I think it is a shame how we treat the people that our teaching our children as well — many times they spend more time with their teachers than they do with us as parents!!!
    Yvonne Hall

  5. ML says:

    I’m not sure if you can call fear respect because they’re two totally different things.

    In sixth grade, I had a teacher who was very strict and not understanding. If you forgot homework you would have to write a note, copy what the homework policy was on it, and bring it home to get it signed. You would have to bring it back the next day signed, but I don’t know what happened if you didn’t because I think everyone was too scared to. Her class was dead silent because we were all scared of her, but we didn’t respect her. If we respected her we wouldn’t have talked bad about her [talking about her being unreasonable, spreading rumors.. etc]. Respect works both ways. If the teacher doesn’t give the student respect, then why should the student give the teacher respect?

    I realize I’m only 15 years old, but I have respect for all of my current teachers.

    For example, right now I have an English teacher that I respect, and admire. She’s my role model and hero. She treats us like another human being. She makes us feel like we matter, and she pays attention to our opinion and doesn’t toss it off as just a stupid kid’s opinion. She sympathizes with us and realizes when the work load in the class gets to the point where it’s ridiculous. When we get loud, she does a “shh” or stops talking or says “Guys…”, and we all stop because we respect her. We respect her because she respects us.

    When a teacher yells at their students, the students will generally listen, but listen grudgingly and be annoyed at the teacher. Generally, telling us calmly or just hinting to us that we’re getting too loud or whatever it is will lead to more respect for the teacher.

    I’d say the best way for teachers to get respect from their students is to respect them. The teachers should remember that they’re the teacher, but also realize that the student could have valid opinions, and to try and take a look at things from the student’s perspective. This doesn’t mean everything a student suggests is going to be a valid point, but sometimes students, even if they’re not adults, can make valid points.

    I do agree that laying teachers off for test scores dropping is ridiculous. The teacher doesn’t always have control over the student’s learning. The teacher can try to get the student to learn, but if there’s external factors preventing the student from learning or the student isn’t willing to learn, it’s not the teachers fault.

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