Blogs, Domains and Links Oh My!

I have had a rough week!  On the suggestion of my SNCC coach Ann Evanston, I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade from a free WordPress blog to a hosted blog…right now you’re eyes move up to the address bar and then think ..”But this is still the free one…right”  well yes is it is…things did not go as planned. It has been an extremely frustrating week and nothing drives me crazier than when things don’t go the way they should so rather than (as one colleague on the course said she often felt like doing)  “throw the computer out of the nearest window” I decided to redirect my anger and frustrations by blogging about my experience and perhaps some of you can relate.

So I bought the blog, paid my money, watched the “How To Set It Up” video, making notes along the way and did everything I was told to do in the tutorial. I chose the design, named my blog and went into my domain name and changed the name servers to the ones I was given in the welcome email. I did everything I was supposed to do and then sat back and waited with baited breath for my new blog to become active (they told me it could take from 30 minutes to 48 hours.) This was on Thursday morning

So Friday Morning it still wasn’t up and I was a little concerned that now when I clicked on my domain name I was told Firefox could not find it but I thought perhaps that’s what happens when you change blogs. What do I know? But just in case I filled out a support ticket at customer service to make sure all was well and that it was normal for the link to be broken until the blog became active. I received an update saying they had “put someone on my case’ as it were. Friday night and still no blog and still my link was broken. I sent another ticket to support

I was out of town and came back Monday morning all excited to see my new blog. I was so excited and I clicked on the “go to” to check it out…. When I clicked on my domain name It went to Go Daddy where it was now parked so I had to go in and change the name servers again and knew this would start the whole process over again. Meanwhile no one had responded to my ticket in I sent another ticket asking why no one was responding

Tuesday morning Finally it was there. It was now “ACTIVE!” (Yeah!!!) So with baited breath I clicked on the tab to go to my new blog….Did I see my new and improved feature filled all singing all dancing new and shiny blog?? No! I saw “Oops Firefox cannot find”  I was about ready to scream (or cry) but then I remembered my brand Fierce Over 50…….. so I screamed.

So finally this morning (Thursday)  I get an email that says “We are happy to say we have updated your ticket and I thought “Yeah..perhaps they have fixed it. I was very excited …I clicked on the link to see what the ticket said and read……………………………………..

Request not found You do not have access to request #2358. It may have been solved or deleted…. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH …Stay tuned to find out what happens next!

What do you do when things don’t do right in the ‘techie” world? How to you deal with those feeling that you have no control over things and you have to constantly wait for someone else to “fix your problems’?