Why Shop Online? …The Other 58 Cents

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So I told you earlier that 42 cents out of every dollar spent online was spent on travel. So I knew I was in the right online business and it was paying off. I was having a blast working from home and having the time for my family I did not have before.  I was also thrilled that being involved in the travel business afforded me lots of “perks” such as lower rates and upgrades on hotel rooms and rental cars, not forgetting the commissions on all my own travel.

But then I got to thinking….What about the other 58 cents? The money that was spent on the internet that WASN’T spent on travel. You know the 58 cents that was spent on everything else like clothes, electronics, books, music, printer ink, school supplies, office supplies and all the rest. If I was smart, I knew I needed to find a way to benefit from that also.  So I did!  I did my due dilligence and found out how to do it and which company to do it with. Now I am able to profit from the whole dollar spent online…. Do you know just how powerful that is?

Online sales have exploded over the past 10 years.  November 2009 saw more money spent on Cyber Monday than on Black Friday. What does that tell you?  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know the internet isn’t going anywhere and these numbers will double, triple, quadruple over the next 10 years or so. I truly believe I am in the right place this time.

There are 3 types of people……. Those making it happen, those watching it happen and those wondering “what happened?”  Which one are you?


Why I Decided To Work From Home (Part 3) Divine Intervention or Just Good Luck?)

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About a month after I quit my job, I had still not found my “fantastic work at home opportunity”  I was cleaning out an old drawer when I found an old address book and started to flip through it. When I got to the “Rs” I saw the name of an old friend of mine who because I had moved house a few times, had lost touch with over the years. She and I had been in a business together and I really liked and respected her.. So I though to myself, “let me give her a call” I did. After a couple of rings, a voice said “Hello?.. Roma? I said..It’s Julie How are you?  She was very surprised to hear from me. But was what even more amazing that she was in her empty home and had come back to disconnect and collect the phones. She had moved out of town a few days earlier. If I had called 15 minutes later, The phone would have been disconnected and I might never have got back in touch with her. we exchanged new phone numbers and promised to keep in touch.

I called her a few days later and we caught up on the last 7 or 8 years or so. Then she asked me a strange question..She asked me if I was making all the money I wanted. I laughed out loud. I knew from my time in “one of those things” that this was THE question. Roma…What are you into now? I asked still laughing. But she was not laughing. She was deadly serious. “Travel” she said. suddenly I wasn’t laughing any more either. “Travel?” I repeated. “Online Travel” she said. Well if you have ever heard the English term gobsmacked, That was me. I was gobsmacked.

And the rest they say……………………………is history